Proud to say “I made this”

On Sunday I served breakfast to my guest and J.

I was so proud to put it in front of those two.

It was buttermilk pancakes, nothing too fancy, in fact I used this recipe.

buttermilk pancakes

They were absolutely delicious.

The reason that I was so proud was how much work I had put into this final product.

We had made the butter, the butter milk, and the eggs had come from our chickens (from no effort on my part).

We served them with yoghurt I had made, quinces I had poached and lime curd I had preserved late last year.

It wasn’t the fanciest dish, but I was proud to say that I had made it.

buttermilk pancakes, poached quinces and yoghurtWhat’s a dish that you are proud to put in front of your guests?

20 thoughts on “Proud to say “I made this”

  1. Gosh I can’t believe you made your own butter. Well done you. I’d pay good money for that breakfast any day of the week.

    1. Nancy, the butter is the best. And I’d happily sell you that breakfast any day of the week! 🙂

    1. The poached quinces were wonderful, we’ve still got a heap in the freezer! I think I’ll have to have pancakes again soon!

  2. I want to cover over to your house for pancakes. I think any food made with thought, love and intention is always the best to be served. I don’t have a proud moment with food unless disaster has struck and it is then rectified and I deliver the food to the table and no-one notices.

    1. Lizzie, you are more than welcome any day to come over for pancakes! I’d be honoured! The chaos in the kitchen is fine as long as no one notices!

  3. They look absolutely delicious Clare! You clever girl….so much input…you must have savoured every mouthful ! I am just off to check out the lime curd post. We have loads of limes so that would be good. Cheers Jane

    1. Leah, it was really delicious and I’m absolutely looking forward to making it again.

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