In My Kitchen… May 2013

In my kitchen…

… there are two super cute biscuits from Awkward Cafe.  We stopped in there for cake and a pot of Love Chai this morning, and walked out with these lovely biscuits.awkward In my kitchen…

… well right outside the kitchen door and in the hallway there is our first bee super.  It’s half built, in the white bag are the rest of the frame pieces to put together.  I think we’ll end up building about 4 of these, and 8 frames per box before we are ready for bees.bee box In my kitchen…

… there’s a brown paper bag of chilli’s given to me from a lovely twitter friend who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time over the last weekend.  We talked garden, living more simply and about her amazing pizza oven.  Upon leaving her house I was given this bag full of a variety of chillies.
chillis In my kitchen…

… on the bench, sits these two containers of olives.  They’ve been sitting here for 10 days now, and tomorrow we will bottle them in a brine solution and let them sit for 6 weeks.  When we get home from Nepal they will be perfect.olives In my kitchen…

… is my first ever rolling pin.  I bought it this morning from the opp shop.  I’ve never owned one before, usually we use a wine bottle, it’s a good excuse to have one on hand.  The sieve would have been fantastic for draining the olives each day, but again only found it this morning in our local oppy.  I can’t wait to put it to good use.rolling pin and sieve In my kitchen…

…we have (had) 73 vanilla beans.  I ordered these off eBay and they were here the next day.  I’ve had the pleasure of using them in so many different things, poached quinces, yoghurt and most to make my first ever bottle of vanilla extract.vanilla beans In my kitchen..

… this is actually in the laundry cupboard, is our first ever bottle of home-made vanilla extract.  It’s only been on the go for a few days and already is a stunning colour and expels a wonderful scent.  I can’t wait to use it in our baking.

vanilla extractWhat wonderful things do you have in your kitchen this month?

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30 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… May 2013

    1. I can’t wait to see how the extract goes, at the moment it smells like the most amazing vanilla vodka.

  1. Hi Claire. I love that sieve. I have never seen one like that before.

    Best of luck with your bee hives. I would love to have bee hives but geez they hurt when they sting.

    I bought 122 vanilla beans last year. I vacuum packed them and then froze them. I still have lots and lots left.

    1. The sieve was amazing for draining all the olives we bottled yesterday! I can’t wait to have bees! I’d never thought about vac-packing the vanilla beans, but I might have to get onto that!

  2. Hi there Claire… that’s a great haul of good things… the bee frames sound interesting… I’ll be watching to see your news on that one. I love op shopping too!

    1. There’s so many great things going on right now! I’ll keep everyone posted on the Bee Adventure.

    1. I’m concerned about these olives, the salt we used was foraged but the brine solution had a dirty smell and a brown colour, so I’m a little worried about how they’ll turn out.

  3. I think I’ll look into buying vanilla beans on e-bay – what a lot of beans you have! I brought back some vanilla beans from Tahiti. They were the best I’ve ever seen – so broad and soft and fragrant – was so sad when I’d used the last one. Good luck with the bees! xx

    1. They were so cheap too! I can’t wait to get bees, although I’m a little concerned about getting stung.

  4. I can’t wait to hear what your olives are like. I nearly bought some a couple of years ago at the markets but the stall-holder told me it was a lot of effort and not really worth it. Talk about a salesman!
    What are you going to do with the chilis?
    I can’t believe you’re getting bees!!! How exciting!!! I think that’s one thing you need to research before jumping in to!

    1. Claire, I’m pretty nervous about the olives. We foraged the salt and it made the brine quite dirty smelling. So yet another adventure. I’m not sure what to do with all the chilli’s. Sweet chilli sauce?

    1. No worries Lisa, I can’t wait to get bees and it’ll be interesting to see how the olives turn out after using foraged salt.

  5. Fabulous array of stuff in your kitchen. I would love to know how you get on with the olives. I tried last year (or perhaps it was the year before) and did all the water changing stuff and then brine but then they looked a little odd (probably just scum) and I got so paranoid about poisoning the kids I threw them out. Pathetic I know…and wasteful…

    1. I can’t wait to let you know how we go with the olives. We used a foraged salt, which turns out, had quite a dirty smell to it. I also got a little paranoid about our last lot but J told me not to be so silly, so we continued to eat them, and they were wonderful.

  6. Wonderful treasures, Clare! I love the rolling pin and the sieve too – it will make such a difference not using a wine bottle! And the Awkward cookie is so cool! I never manage to make my cookies hold that much definition. Excited to hear about your bees, and your vanilla extract is looking very fine already! 🙂

    1. I’m loving my kitchen this month Celia. I can’t wait to use the rolling pin for the first time and to use the vanilla extract when we get home from Nepal. What wonderful adventures we have in the kitchen.

  7. You are getting into bees! Cool. My bosses have bees and I have been learning so much about them. I don’t think I want to have them as Roy and I don’t eat enough honey. We are fortunate to have plenty around pollinating my veggie patch.

    1. Lizzie, I can’t wait to get bees. I don’t think we eat quite that much honey either, but am interested in learning about using it in beer and am excited to have the wonderful things pollinate our garden.

  8. Encouraging bees is wonderful. The world population of bees is declining and I read somewhere that we will have only four years to survive after the bees have disappeared.
    In my kitchen, I have less wonderful things – a dying mint plant, one lonely last piece of the ginger crunch I made last weekend and an almost empty bottle of wine. It’s time to bake tomorrow so that will solve one of the problems.

    1. I’ve read the exact same thing Suzanne. Your kitchen sounds fun and baking sounds like a great idea!

  9. What lovely things in your kitchen. I’m very jealous of all your vanilla pods as they’re so expensive here in England that I use them very frugally. How exciting to be getting bees – look forward to reading about them.

  10. Hi Clare
    That all looks great! We’re thinking of getting bees too, but probably native bees. Not sure yet. Where did you get your vanilla? And your olives look fab – my aunt makes her own olives – with varying degrees of success!

    1. I got my vanilla from ebay, a shop in Victoria. I can’t wait to see how the olives turn out too!

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