This season we’ve already got in the ground more than we ever have had before, a wonderful range to get us through winter.  I can’t wait to taste all the fresh produce growing right outside our backdoor.

On Sunday we replanted our seedlings that we had planted into polystyrene boxes, as I mentioned here, there were a lot of them.  It was time consuming and fiddly, all our seedlings now look tired and sad.

J and I talked and thought that next year we might just plant the seeds straight into the ground.  We can’t see much difference between growing things in a box on our verandah or only mere meters further away in the garden beds.

My question to you is: do you always follow the instructions on the seed packets? Have you planted straight into the garden instead?  Do you think rules are meant to be broken?

12 thoughts on “Replanting

    1. It’s tough to tackle moving, I’m sure you list is miles long. Take your time, I’m sure you’ll have a chance to get things in the ground soon.

  1. Haha do I follow instructions? Nope! I literally throw seeds in the ground and hope for the best. I do it with seeds from fruit and veges I buy too.
    If it looks like it will grow, I plant it.
    Over time you’ll learn what works and doesn’t.
    Hmm… what was I saying about not researching and jumping right in instead? I guess I apply that theory to the garden too!

    1. Claire, you’re hilarious! Next time I’m definitely not planting in seed raising boxes, I’ll just be throwing the seeds and putting mulch on top.

    1. I’m too impatient too, but seeds are waaaaay cheaper. So I think well stick with seeds from now on, but I’m never replanting our own seedlings again.

  2. BABE!

    Can’t wait for you to cook me up a home made soup hahahaa. or a vegetarian lasagna with all the veggies nom nom nom!

    I rarely follow rules, rules are 100% there to be broken! So much mroe fun rocking it your own way!

    Sorry I havent commented lately, i’m always here though, lurking, being a non creep hahaha xx

    1. Hilarious! Never feel that you have to comment but thank you for commenting! You’ll definitely have to come over for a lasagne!

    1. Lisa, from now on I’m going to do just that! I think that way is definitely a better way. I can’t wait to give it a go in spring.

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