olives Elkhorn Roadhouse awkward quinces ladder shelves– Each day we discover a new area in which we could plant in.  Veggie garden plots are taking over the backyard.

– We picked a bucket full of olives and have them soaking, only 8 more days until we can jar them in brine solution.

– I was quoted in the Australian Financial Review.  Contacted by one of their staff after he stumbled across my post about Loam, he used my post as a base for talking about the growing disappointment in desserts.

– We’ve been eating so much yummy food out at cafes, the Elkhorn Roadhouse had an irresistible breakfast menu, and Awkward will keep me coming back for their cakes!

– I had my first experience in poaching quinces.  One try with cinnamon and ginger, the other with cinnamon and Vanilla beans.

– Speaking of vanilla beans, I recently bought 250g of vanilla beans of eBay.  I can’t wait to make my own vanilla extract.

– We built some shelves out of my Granddad’s old wooden ladder.  We’ve placed it in our front window, which gets lots of sun, the perfect spot for herbs to grow throughout winter.

– Seedlings are popping up all over our garden, it’s so satisfying to see plants coming up in our garden.

What’s been happening in your life lately?

18 thoughts on “Lately…

    1. Thanks so much Liz, I was pretty excited. These cafes are amazing, if you ever make your way to Geelong, we’ll have to have coffee/tea at one of them.

    1. No worries for the linky. I’m over the moon to be making vanilla extract! I’m just waiting on the perfect bottles. Thanks, I can’t wait to get those shelves filled with herbs and edible flowers.

    1. I was so excited to see my name in print. Sadly we dont grow and fruit trees, these were picked from my aunty’s house. I think if you can’t grow it yourself, then picking from friends or foraging is the next best thing.

  1. It’s all sounding heavenly. I love the image of the quinces and your grandfather’s ladder – what a great way to bring new life to an old timber ladder (aren’t they so much nicer than the metal ones!) And congrats on being quoted in the Fin Review xx

    1. The old wooden ladders are so much nicer, this one had been covered in an old brown paint, but it’s so lovely now that it’s been sanded back.

    1. Thanks so much Claire, you’re comments always made me smile. I was so excited to see my name in the article!

  2. I’ve just bookmarked those two cafes and will be heading there the next chance I get! I saw your Instagram pic of breaky at Elkhorn Roadhouse over the weekend and am still envying it. Also congrats about your post in AFR, very exciting! How did the quinces turn out? I haven’t had them for years – but my memories are of eating them in my aunts farmhouse which was full of rustic touches just like your ladder!

    1. Awkward is actaully a friends cafe, one of the girls from roller derby, but I’d never recommend it if it wasn’t any good. The cakes are incredible! And all homemade. The breakfast at Elkhorn is amazing, so many wonderful options, that will absolutely keep us going back! I was very excited about AFR. The quinces are delicious, i love having some for dessert with a little homemade yoghurt!

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