With life shifting for J and I, to a more self-sufficient lifestyle there have been many learning experiences, long days and lots of questions. I’ve been so busy that the little blog has taken a backseat, but there is lots in the works, lots happening and lots of experimenting that will be shared soon.

Each day I find I am trying something new, testing a theory, asking for advice and falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day.

Have you ever had a stage of your life where learning happened at every turn? Nearly everything was a new experience? Where you had more questions than answers?

Who did you turn to in these experiential times? How did you find answers to all those questions?

Do you have any tips of the best way to seek out answers, collect information, and record your findings?

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  1. Hi again Clare. I love learning. I hope I never stop. It sounds like you’re going through a really exciting period of assessment and learning.

    1. It’s been really exciting and I’m learning constantly. Thank you for all your tips and tricks to a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

  2. 3 years ago, my husband and I moved to a different continent and began life. 2.5 Kids later, each turn has been one of learning. Sometimes, very painful learning. Who do we turn to? Well, mostly we turn to each other. Then because we’re religious, we turn to God.

    1. Turning to each other is perfect, and I’m asking J a lot of questions too. Together we are learning something new every day.

  3. I’m so inspired by all your experimenting Clare!! Whilst I don’t have any answers…

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award – details are on my blog

    πŸ™‚ x

  4. It’s a credit to you that you’re able to still blog while being so busy. I’ve had a lot on myself lately and quite often, it’s a juggle xx

    1. The blog has definitely been on the back foot, but I am constantly thinking about adding posts. I’m taking photos of all our experiments and I look forward to the day where I have a chance to sit in front of the computer and write them all down.

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne, what a lovely comment. I’ve been using google, blogs and twitter for asking my questions. It’s been eye opening.

  5. I love learning. I think the most intense time I had was working full time (ish, 32-36 hrs/week) while doing the last subject of my degree as a summer intensive school. I don’t remember much of that month or two…

  6. I find the best way to solve answers is by not thinking about them

    I do things like go to the gym or go for a walk. If you are into meditation, that is another great way to open up your mind and relax.

    In terms of collect information, I read a lot to collect it, and I make a note whether it’s worth remembering.

    1. Great tips! Thank you so much. I think I need to do something like that, I get so caught up in them sometimes.

  7. Hi Clare, thanks for following my blog and leaving comments. I am very new on my journey, as you have read, and i learn from many sources that include blogs, my mum, yutube for practicle application – a video is worth a thousand words, ive joined a garden group for monthly courses sponsored by council on all things gardening. This Sat im going to a Farmers Weekly Fair at showgrounds in Ballarat and on Sunday im attending my first veggie swap in Werribee. I learn from everyone i meet and ask lots and lots and lots of questions – they run when they see me coming.

    1. I love seeing you go the veggie swap! As I said, there’s one not too far from here, so I think I need to get my but into gear and get there! It’s so inspiring to read your blog and see that someone else is on the same path as me! And asking the same questions.

  8. When I started my first website back in 2007 I was learning every day. I did most of my learning online in forums and reading articles. I did not write anything down. My preferred learning method is to read information and then put it into practice. If I can’t put it into practice right away, then discuss it with people. That way I don’t forget things.

    1. I’m the same, things need to be put into practice straight away! But every day I find that I’m learning something new, I’m loving it but it’s exhausting at the same time.

    1. Life is learning! I struggle to understand how some people just get stuck in the Monday-Friday, 9-5 rut. I think there needs to be new learning and new findings everyday. Thanks, I love my new header!

  9. A diary.
    To keep track of your learnings and to seek for more a diary is the right choice, to me (I like to keep diaries for anything!).
    You can make it old stile or a scrapbook, but learning and keeping yourself creative and inspired, to me, are very close things!!!

    1. I think I’m using my blog as a diary a bit, however at the moment I’m struggling to find time to get everything down. I think a scrap book is a great idea, and I’ve been using pintrest a lot too. Thanks so much!

  10. Such an exciting time for you – you guys are creating a whole new lifestyle. Maybe you should start some recipe books or a notepad to store all your gardening tips – you can stick in things from magazines and stuff as well πŸ™‚

    1. Megan, it’s so exciting, and exhausting, and inspiring and enlightening! I can’t keep up with us! πŸ™‚ I definitely think some diary writing and scrap booking would be a godo idea!

  11. Curiosity is such a great attribute in life – but sometimes there are no answers, or at least nothing cut-and-dried. The best way to learn is to jump right in and try whatever piques your interest (though as a planner, I like to read a little something first to get me oriented); the Internet is so easy for researching, not sure how we got by without it! Ps – found you thru the ProBlogger discussion writing exercise.

    1. You’re right about there not always being answers! I’m mostly finding answers that I’m seeking but finding time to fit everything in as well as work, now that’s my struggle! The internet is definitely making my life so much easier!

  12. Life is more fun when you don’t have all of the answers! It can get frustrating if you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere but hang in there. You’ll look back on this someday and be proud of your self sufficiency!
    I found you on probloggers Discussion Post contest. I am participating too.

    1. Thanks so much Tammy. I’m so proud of what we’ve done so far. J and I are looking ahead to what we need to plant at different times to be able to eat most from our backyard! I’ll be so excited when everything we’ve just planted comes up!

  13. I woke up at 2am this morning with a racing mind which needed quelling. I took some stress drops which help to calm down stressful situations and then proceeded to learn. Normally these days, instead of being the slug-a-bed I used to be only a month or so ago, I am now up at around 5am every morning, reading through the blogs I follow, reading through the blogs a friend at Serendipity Farm sends me and then hitting up Dr Google for more. He/she is my professor. I also mine friends minds for information when I get stuck or ask questions from those in the relevant situation. I am sure the lady at the Garden of St Erth that I mine for information cringes when she sees me coming now (aside from cringing at the lady with 3 kids) but I will take information where I can find it. My theory is that if you know of one way to do something then you will only be able to choose to do or not to do something. If you have heard 20 different opinions then you have 22 choices. You can follow any of the 20 opinions you’ve heard, choose not to do something or choose to do it your own way, mixing and matching information that feels right to you.
    I sometimes feel like my brain is full of rocket fuel and running at such high octane I don’t know how to keep up and I have plans made so far ahead that I don’t even know if I can fit them all in but still I keep adding plans. πŸ˜€ And I have never in my life felt so alive and inspired.
    Keep up your enthusiasm and questions. You NEVER want to be in a place where you have no more questions, where you see nothing else to learn. πŸ™‚

    1. I really need to use my mornings more productively! I get so frustrated because I have to go to work and it wastes my day! I’m with you, in the position where I’ve ever felt so exactly how I should be, I’ve never felt so inspired, and excited!

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