backyard bananas Picking bananas in J’s parents backyard was such a treat.  flood damage Seeing the flood damage in Bundaberg was shocking.  My heart goes out to all those who lost anything during this time.Jay WildJ’s name was published in an article about Australian Himalayan Climbs, Mum and I found it, and the last bit, the ‘comments’ brought tears to our eyes.rabby and bunnyWhen I was in Bundaberg I got my hands on J’s childhood toy, Bunny, I just loved that my childhood toy was Rabby.  Now they’re friends.tyre blowoutOn the way to pick J up from the airport this happened.sour doughOur sour dough adventures have been bringing so much joy.  The bread is so delicious and is so much more satisfying then buying a loaf.homebrewThe first taste of our homebrew.  I think it’s delicious, but a little flat.  Any tips?

first mushroomThis mornings breakfast consisted of our first ever mushroom.  What a treat.

What’s been happening in your world lately?

8 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. The bananas you get from your own trees always seem so much sweeter – almost a different species. That tyre looked nasty as did the flood. Congratulations on the bread, beer and mushroom.

  2. That breakfast looks really good and all the more enjoyable for having your own produce in the dish. I would love to go outside and pick bananas! And your old stuffed toys are very gorgeous xx

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