Chicken Update

Our chickens are 17 weeks old today.  They should be laying any day now.  Each morning since they were about 14 weeks old, we have been checking their laying boxes with anticipation.  Each morning we are disappointed.  But I go out there, and I have a little chat, they still wont come too close, but that’s OK by me.

chickensThere first day in our home, they were three days old and were living in a cardboard box in our lounge room under a lamp.teenage chickensTheir inaugural exploration of the chicken coop.  We allowed them out there once they couldn’t fit through the chicken wire. chickens running awayFinally after much convincing (and J being away for a week) our chickens were allowed to roam free around the backyard.  I’ve looked after chickens before, it was one of my jobs while working at the outdoor education camp all those years back, but J has not.  I was happy for the girls to roam free, even when we weren’t home, but J was a little more cautious.  While he was away for a week, I trained them to come home each night and put themselves to bed, by feeding them at night and locking their door.chickens chillingEventually they got a little to brave for their own good and we would come home to them being out the front of the house, or under the neighbours house.  Something had to be done.  So we built them a fence.  We had an old swinging chair that was destined for the dumpster (it had rusted and was falling apart), so we used that to build the gate and for the fence posts.  We bought chicken wire and attached that to the shed and our fence.  However this still didn’t keep them in, and as some of you saw, one night I arrived home to no chickens in the coop.  Finally, I had to do what I’d been dreading, we needed to clip their wings.  A friend, with more chicken knowledge than I came to visit, and after watching many YouTube videos, I clipped each of their left wings.  They haven’t gotten out since, but they won’t come near me now.  new homeHave you ever had to do battle with a pet? Do you have a friend you can call on to help with those little but tricky things?

14 thoughts on “Chicken Update

  1. That’s a job for Dr Harry I think! I have no idea what to do with chickens.. although you could ask @happychook on twitter – they are free range egg farmers 🙂 x

  2. Oh I do hope we wont have to clip our hens wings. I think we will only be letting them out with supervision so hopefully it wont be an issue but still.

    1. If you’re only letting them out with supervision, then they should be fine. It’s just that ours were flying over their fence.

  3. I don’t think I’d be able to clip their wings. I have dogs and I’m supposed to cut their toenails but I always get the vet to do it. I’m sure they’ll be laying eggs any day now xx

    1. Fingers crossed. It wasn’t too difficult to clip their wings, the tricky part was catching them.

    1. I’ve had chickens before, but as they just roamed around our property so I never had to clip their wings.

  4. I remember clipping the wings of my chooks when I lived in the city, not a fun job. I to have recently got chooks for our place, we have had them for a month now so they are still only seven weeks old. They are very wild and I am currently trying to train them to come when I call them and eat food out of my hand so they get use to me handling them. Its a long process but thankfully they are not as stupid as guinea fowl. Chooks are so much fun aren’t they.

    1. Chooks are so much fun. I think I could watch ours all day. I’d love to train ours, but we’ve had then since they were 3 days old and no such luck… I’m not sure what else to do with them.

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