The Last Week of February

home-made dip platterromancewedding anniversarymaggie sourdoughrouge chickensister in hospitalsunriseA dip platter made mostly of home-made/home grown ingredients.

Romance alive in our house, arriving home to a 15kg box of tomatoes and a bunch of red lilies.

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary at Loam.

My first ever loaf of sour dough, made with my sour dough starter (Maggie), thanks Celia.

Maude after her big night out.

Flowers for my sister, she’s recovering well.

The beautiful morning light through our dirty bedroom window.

What’s been filling your week?


10 thoughts on “The Last Week of February

  1. Hi Clare! Such lovely photos! Your sourdough bread looks absolutely wonderful. I’m waiting for my starter to arrive (from Celia) and I hope mine comes out as pretty as yours 🙂
    PS- Happy 1st anniversary!


    1. I can’t wait to write a post about her, I didn’t take too many photos because I wasn’t too sure what I was doing, but next time, I definitely will.


    1. This one was 15kg, I suppose that’s about how much would fit in there. I made homemade sauce, and the rest I skinned, and cooked down, then froze.


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