Cucumber Pickles

I love that the Internet makes the world a little smaller.  I feel as though I have friends all over the world, thrilling conversations from the quiet of my home can be had, and if you want to learn a little about a new topic, all the information you could ever need is at the tips of your fingers.

Over the weekend I was trawling Instagram, using #urbanfarming and came across a wonderful woman, who has an amazing farm in her backyard in the middle of Melbourne.  I commented on all of her photos, and she was kind enough to exchange emails with me.  Since then, we’ve been sending 1000 word emails back and forth (this may be why I’m not blogging so much), and is an absolute wealth of information, who is more than happy to answer all of my questions.

She directed me to Suburban Tomato.  I was engrossed in this blog for the whole of Sunday, devouring the ‘when to plant’, and the ‘how to preserve’, that Liz shares.

cucumber pickles

So the only solution when I found the 650gm bag of cucumbers, right on the edge of going bad, was to do these Bread and Butter Cucumbers.  Why they are named that I’m not too sure, but the recipe was wonderfully simple, and honestly satisfying to create.  Now the cucumbers sit and wait for at least two weeks to mature, before we taste them.

Do you preserve?  What’s your favourite way to use up cucumbers?

26 thoughts on “Cucumber Pickles

  1. It’s so true isn’t it Clare? You can be friends with people you’ve never actually met. It may have its downsides but the internet it a pretty wonderful thing.
    This looks great! Will be interested to see how you use them.

  2. One of the cool things about the internet is indeed all the people you can find who share your interest, and who you just like. So much fun to read the many, many blogs out there! I learn so much. Pickles, though, I know about! I haven’t preserved any in ages, though – I really should this summer, don’t you think? Too early here to think about it, but you’ve inspired me to make sure I plant plenty of cucumbers in my garden this year!

    1. I love reading the all the other blogs out there, and I’m constantly finding new and inspiring ones. You should definitely preserve next summer.

  3. The internet is full of wonderful possibilities! – one of the things I love most is the people I have meet but also the things I have learned. I dont think I would be as obsessed with fashion as I am if I hadnt started blogging.
    Am loving following your journey to food self-sufficency – cannot wait to read more.

    1. Thanks Megan, it’s been a fantastic adventure to get into being more self-sufficient. The blogging world has increased my knowledge and passion about so many things.

    1. Lizzie, I really can’t wait to use them, we’re going to have to have a big BBQ and use these pickles, home-made tomato sauce and pickled beetroot.

  4. i wonder how that preserved cucumber taste 😉 and me too. have a lot of online friends who ive met through blogging.and since we share the same feeling and dreams, we made an organization. we launch bazaar and once we have funds, we do outreach.

  5. I absolutely love these. I posted them on my blog about a year ago. It was my mother’s recipe. She called them ‘bread and butter pickles’. So yummy and so versatile. I’ve only just finished my supply and am about to make more xx

    1. Do you know why they are called Bread and Butter pickles? I haven’t tried them. I can’t wait to give them a go.

  6. I don’t know why they’re called Bread and Butter pickles either (except maybe that’s how they were traditionally eaten – maybe). I really hope you like how they turn out – they go down very well in this house.

    1. We’ll be trying them when J gets home from his adventure I think. He’s really excited about our lifestyle shift and is sad to be missing out on things.

  7. Love it! I too discovered Suburban Tomatoes cucumber pickle recipe and have shared it around a lot. I did cut back the sugar a bit (3/4 cup) because I found it a bit too sweet. Love the benefits this blogging can bring in so many ways. 🙂

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