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There’s so many things out there that we buy because it’s easier. Before my revelation I never even thought to make most of these things at home, but this week I’ve been experimenting like crazy!

Bread is an obvious choice to make at home and one day I’ll definitely give it a go, but working at a bakery makes me inclined not to make bread as I often take it home for free. I’d rather save the waste than make my own bread. (Update: I’m so excited to have been offered some sourdough starter from Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Can’t wait to let you know how it goes)

Instead I started with pita bread, a recipe I saw not too long ago at Alchemy in the Kitchen. Now generally, I’m not such a fan of pita bread, I find that there’s too much of the dry flat-bread, but  I was asked to bring nibbles to celebrate my dad’s birthday, so thought I’d make some hummus and give this pita a go. Sadly it took longer than the time I had available, so we took rice crackers and the home-made hummus.  But I finished the dough off the next day.

Watching it expand in the oven was too exciting, but the best part was cutting it in half and finding that I had actually created a pocket! I nearly wet my pants with excitement, instead I grabbed the two halves squealed and ran around the house.

whole pita

Filling it for lunch, with a home-grown bruschetta mix, was my grown/make your own dream come true.

filled pita

Next on the agenda was Claire’s tortilla.  The theme was easy, Mexican night, and trying something new.  I was in charge of the fillings, and J made the tortilla.  They were leaps and bounds better than bought tortilla, my mouth waters now just thinking about them.

fresh tortilla

Yoghurt isn’t something we eat a lot of in our house, mainly because it’s too expensive so I can’t justify buying it.  I have made yoghurt before, but this 3 step method in a Thermos, seems to be no fail.  Jennifer, from Delicieux was super supportive via twitter (you can follow me here) throughout the process.  The was a celebratory unveiling the morning that I opened the Thermos, to find that it had come out perfectly.

Reading Lorraine’s post over at her blog Not Quite Nigella, about Brooklyn Boy Bagels, brought back childhood memories of bagels on a Saturday morning, fresh out of the toaster, spread with a think layer of cream cheese.  So I decided to give these a go too.

In the process of my baking madness, the kindness of my neighbour astounded me, I constantly pop over at increasingly inconvenient times, disrupting her 5 children’s dinner time, or as they’re all on the way to one of the many extra-curricular activities they are part of, yet every time she great me with a smile and invites me for a cut of tea.  Yesterday, along with the tea, I also got half a very large zucchini, and 8 cups of flour to make the aforementioned bagels.

I found this recipe, they were delicious, but didn’t turn out perfectly.  I used regular plain flour but think that bread flour would have been better, with the high gluten.  I didn’t manage to get the dough to stretch, but not tear.  But once they had be boiled and baked, we celebrated with cream cheese and smoked salmon.


What do you love to make at home that you could buy easier?  Do you find it cheaper? Have you experienced the kindness of neighbours?

16 thoughts on “Make it yourself…

  1. Oh Clare you made me giggle. I too nearly wet my pants with excitement the time I made pita bread. I couldn’t believe it worked! Glad you liked the tortillas. I hardly ever buy store-bought ones any more. My little sourdough package from Celia arrived today so we can experiment together.

    1. Claire, I can’t wait for our sour-dough baking adventures! The tortillas were delicious and I can’t wait to make more.

  2. Those pita look amazing! I don’t eat much bread, but I may have to give them a whirl, because pita pockets are awesome.

    I always make my own nut-butter. Takes forever, and I always almost manage to burn out the motor on my processor, but it’s worth it every time.

    1. I’ve never made nut butter, but I think I’m definitely going to have to give it a go. My pita’s didn’t work so great the next time, but they’re still delicious.

    1. Hi

      Could you help me to locate this recipe please? I’ve tried to find it on your website but failed.


  3. I am completely blown away by all you’ve accomplished! Great work. It’s always so surprising how much easier things are to make than you think they are. My theory is, to try to cook all my favourite foods, at least once in my life!

    1. The pitas were amazing, but the second time I made them, they didn’t turn out so great. I’ll have to try them again.

  4. Hi

    Did you ever locate a recipe for the perfect bagel? If so, please could you share it – I’m getting quite desperate in my search!!!

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