A Western Australian Adventure

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Margaret River, Western Australia and celebrating her wedding.  It was a lovely intimate occasion.  Throughout my trip I didn’t take too many photos, surprising for me, but the focus wasn’t a blog post, it was my friends.

I wanted to share snippets of my lovely week.

the happy coupleThe wedding feast was amazing, it was a kind of pot luck dinner, everyone was happy to contribute a salad, the cake, some meat, bread etc.  It was a real community event, and all throughout the evening more food kept appearing.

wedding feastOnce we recovered from wedding parties, wine tasting was a must.  Carpe Diem was recommended to us.  The man who worked there had such a passion for sharing wines, that each of the 16 wines had it’s own story, as though we were being lead down the rabbit hole with each sip.

The wines were divine.  Each had their own characteristics, various levels of dryness, and tannins.  I purchased 2 bottles at the end, and had I had more room in my luggage, I would have got more.

Carpe Diem


wine list

wine tastingObviously once we had bought wine to drink, a cheese platter was a must.  I love the addition of a fruit, or paste to sweeten a cheese platter, we bought local Margaret River cheese and with my friends abundance of basil growing, we made a chunky pesto dip.

cheese platter

grapes, olives and tomatoes


plane windowWhat’s your favourite additions to a cheese platter?  Do you like to add something sweet to the plate?


16 thoughts on “A Western Australian Adventure

  1. What a fabulous wedding, Clare! It looks both simple and special at the same time – love the location on the beach, and the casual relaxed dinner – just perfect! 🙂


    1. I giggled when I read this comment, of course you would add something sweet! You should definitely get over to WA, it’s really beautiful.


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