15 Minute Meals

One of my #2013AdventureResolution goals we for J and I to cook everything in the Jamie’s 15 Minute Meal Cookbook.

I counted all the recipes, and worked out that there is 120 in the book.  We need to cook roughly 2.6 meals a week throughout the year to cook them all, so some weeks we’ll be cooking more and others (like this week, when I’m in Perth) we’ll be cooking less.

We’ve decided that, instead of working from the front to the back of the book, we’ll pick one recipe from each protein.  We this week we started with a chicken and a beef meal.

The first was the Chicken Dim Sim, my mouth is watering now, just thinking about it.  We made super simple coconut dumplings, soft and springy, just like the ones you buy on the street in Vietnam, to go with this was a chicken and mushroom steamed dish and broccolini.

The meals took us 35 minutes to cook, we checked it at 23 minutes but found the chicken was still raw and continued to steam it for another 10 minutes.

chicken dimsim

The Chilli Con Carne Meatballs were bathed in a rich tomato sauce, sitting on a bed of preserved lemon infused cracked wheat.  This meal only took us 13 minutes, but due to us buying cracked wheat not burgal wheat, we had to let it cook for an extra 10 mins, totalling the time at 23 minutes.

beef meatballs

I’m so excited to try more of the meals in the cookbook and I will be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

Have you tried any of Jamie Oliver’s quick, easy and delicious meals?


15 thoughts on “15 Minute Meals

  1. I got that book for Christmas too! Looking forward to trying them out…love the idea of platter meals as well 🙂 By the looks of it, I will need to invest in a steamer!

    1. Yep, a steamer seems to get used a lot, we got ours from an Asian grocer for only $9 for the 2 of them. I can’t wait to try more recipes.

  2. I really think I’m going to have to buy that book or put it on my Birthday list. I love watching his TV show. Just seeing his enthusiasm makes me want to try everything he makes. Your versions look great and beating the 15 minutes… well done!

  3. I think that is quite doable. Good luck. I also pick recipes randomly from his cookbook to spread out the proteins. I saw that chicken dim sim recipe but we don’t have the bamboo steamers so I chose another one. You have been doing very well with the timing.

    1. I can’t wait to try more of them! The chicken dim sims are definitely worth investing in some steamers for!

  4. I’ve never tried any of his recipes but I certainly love his tv show! A lot of his food looks really yummy though!

    How is the veggie section of his cookbook?

  5. This is so crazy – bakebikeblog (awesome Aussie blog check it out) has been doing the same thing as you and just happened to cook the same 2 recipes you have done! What an uncanny coincidence. I think that this is a sign I NEED to buy this cookbook 🙂

    xo Emily

  6. I like the idea of cooking through a book! I’ve never done that, although over the years I’ve come close with some books. I think I’d skip around, too, rather than try to follow each recipe in sequence – that might get a bit boring. Anyway, fun post – thanks.

    1. Thanks John, cooking through this book will be good. Already I’ve learn new techniques and different ways to cook familiar things.

  7. Jamie’s meals always look so beautiful and tempting on the television shows, I can’t believe I don’t have the book yet! The chilli con carne meatballs sounds delicious.

    1. You definitely should get the book, I love it. I’m not sure we’ll get all of them done like we plan to but I’m loving learning new techniques.

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