Jackman & McRoss

I’d always heard such good things about Jackman & McRoss, so it was a definite must see breakfast place for our last morning in Tasmania. Upon arrival we noticed how busy it was, the chatter was close to deafening and it was a struggle to talk to the person sitting next to you without yelling.

The small bakery come cafe was filled with the scent of brewing coffee and fresh bread.

Jackman & McRoss

The first port of call was to order coffee for J and a chai tea for me.  It was such a pleasant surprise when it came out, tea leaves brewed in hot milk, served with honey on the side.  It was deliciously creamy, and comforting.

best chai ever

Everything on the menu was on display in the fridges.  They don’t cook breakfasts to order, just heat up pre-made ones.  The cakes looked amazing, Danish’s, tarts, doughnuts, all made on the premise.

cake counter


We picked two dishes out of the fridge and they were taken back to the kitchen to be reheated.  This took a surprisingly long time seeing as the dishes were already cooked.  I was sceptical as to what the quality of these dishes would be, both J and I love runny eggs but I knew these would be cooked through.

J cut into his eggs and low and behold the first one was solid, however the second was still runny in the middle.  J enjoyed the breakfast except the bread was a little soggy and the dish was hotter on the outside than in the middle.

poached eggs

I decided to try the scrambled eggs wrapped in smoked salmon.  I wasn’t impressed and only ate half of it, the flavours we too salty and cold in the middle.  The base was delicious, a pastry, but was oily and so hot that it burnt my tongue.

scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

I was disappointed when we walked out.  Have you ever had high recommendations and then been disappointed?

20 thoughts on “Jackman & McRoss

  1. YESSSS! I’ve been to a few restaurants where friends were raving so much about the food at whatever restaurant it was. When I checked it out w/ hubs, we were disappointed & felt we wasted our calories & $$. We’d then end up going to another place to grab something to eat coz we were still hungry.

    1. What a shame that you had to buy more food once you were done! It was super disappointing but the tea was delicious!

    1. I was concerned as soon as I found out it was reheated. The bakery items did look wonderful and I regret no buying cakes.

    1. It was pretty loud but it was kind of a lovely chatter. The dishes look great in the photos, but in person they were pretty disappointing.

  2. I have. On one memorable occasion we forked out the money for a babysitter and went out for dinner. The entree was average and the lamb main arrived with a HUGE pile of cous cous. Cous cous which was not even mentioned on the menu description. I’m not sure what prompted me to do it but I sent it back and told them I didn’t want a replacement. Something snapped and I was determined that I was not going to pay $40 for a main dish I didn’t want and would not have ordered had it been aptly described.

    I think as soon as we became parents and going out required organiation and forward planning I became a whole lot more stringent in my expectations of quality.

    Your photos of Jackman Mcross are still gorgeous.

    1. I should have done that too, but I think as that’s how they work it wouldn’t have been received well. But I agree with you, anytime you’re paying for a meal, I get pretty picky.

  3. Your salmon thing looked like it was possibly meant to be eaten cold, or room temperature. I don’t know how they expect to heat such things evenly. Food looked good otherwise, pity such a disappointing result.

    1. It looks that way, but I think the pastry would have been funny without heating. But being hot on the outside and cold in the ,idle just didn’t do it for me.

  4. I have been to Jackman and Mc Cross many times and have enjoyed it though I didn’t order the reheated items, that’s a tough ask really. I hope you enjoyed your holiday apart from this … disappointing last breakfast

    1. The baked goods do look wonderful! In hindsight I really should have got the muesli! No heating up there.

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