A Taste of Hobart

Part of the ‘getting-paid-at-Falls-Festival-and-feeling-sober-on-New-Years-Day’ appeal was that we got to spend the 1st of January at The Taste Festival.

After a nap, and a shower we decided to make our way through the winding back streets of Battery Point, to the Taste Festival, held in Salamanca Place.

The 100’s of chattering voices thundered through and around the metal shed, the smells, not dissimilar to an Asian market, came from every direction.


Upon entry I purchased a glass for $7, this allowed me to taste any and all of the wines, to my hearts content. All local wines, grown all over the state of Tasmania, it was lovely to have a chat to the growers and owners of these vineyards.

The Taste Festival Hobart


After much beer and wine tasting, we thought the responsible thing would be to eat something. Scanning other people’s meals like hungry seagulls, we settled on the seafood platter.

waji catering

seafood platter

In the seafood state it was the perfect meal for the two of us to share. Spicy fried potatoes, fresh, succulent oysters, crumbed scallops, battered calamari and simply cook mussels.

crumbed scallops


There was only one option for dessert, and usually I’m a sweet dessert fiend, but being in Tassie we had to try the Bruny Island Chesses. We took a pizza box of cheese away with us and sauntered back to our hotel room. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the first evening of 2013.

Bruny Island Cheese

Bruny Island

How is 2013 treating you? Are you a sweet dessert person or do you prefer cheeses for dessert?

14 thoughts on “A Taste of Hobart

  1. $7.00 to taste all the wines is a real bargain. We went to a wine tasting in Balmoral and that cost us $20.00. Must get myself to the Tasmanian one next time! xx

  2. Hi Clare! So nice to have discovered your blog, and all the things that are soon to be very close to me once I reach Geelong! Very excited to start exploring a part of the world I know so little about and keeping up with your adventures. That Peking duck wrap sounds and looks just divine!!

  3. That seafood platter looks perfect to me. I love a selection like that and those scallops in particular looked delicious.
    I would go for the dessert but I am often too full at the end of a meal anyway to be bothered with either. I love that you took the cheeses back to your room. That was smart.

    1. The seafood platter was great, the perfect thing to share. I was so full after the seafood but it was lovely to take it back, and enjoy with a movie.

  4. You would have found me at the Bruny Island Cheese stall if I had of gone! I love the glasses they sell. They are a great size to use and they fit in the dishwasher. Looks like you had a great day!

    1. The glasses are great, sadly I didn’t bring this years one home. I loved that cheese so much I’m tempted to sign up for the cheese club!

  5. My brother has sailed the Sydney to Hobart race a few times now, and Hobart has a seriously special place in my heart. Some of the best food that I’ve eaten anywhere was there!

    1. Yep, it was lovely to be refreshed to start the year! The seafood platter was wonderful and knowing it was all fresh definitely made it!

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