An Application, Dinner and a Movie.

Thursday disappeared before my eyes.

The morning was an adventure, picking up J’s new car, and purchasing my pieces for my OMG coffee mug swap.

Then the race was on to finish writing my job application for a local primary school, by the end of the business day.  I’d been working on it for 2 weeks and only the day before it was due, after emailing it to a university lecturer and having it ripped apart.  I was heart broken and felt a complete failure.

Hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer and J having a read through, I finally submitted the application.

Now it was time to celebrate.

Side Note: Funny story, a while ago I had mentioned to J that it would be fun to go to the midnight screening of the new Twilight movie.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no twi-hard but I do love a good romance and with no pre-conceptions that I’m going to see great acting, I enjoy a chick-flick.

So J had booked the tickets, and made a booking for dinner, the only problem is that these two were booked about 24 hours apart.

The movie was on Thursday 12:01 am, and dinner was booked for 7:30 pm on the same Thursday.  I woke up Thursday morning, with the realisation that we had missed the movie.

It all worked out perfectly, I would never have been able to go to the movies on Wednesday night, as I needed to be refreshed to work on the application Thursday morning.

We ended up having a fantastic celebration, of car buying, job applying and time spent together.

Dinner was fantastic!

There There opened in Geelong about 6 weeks ago and offers modern cuisine, seasonal produce and boutique beers.  I had heard rave reviews from  various people, my sister, and parents.  And was very excited to try one dessert in particular.

Upon arrival we were greated by friendly and attentive staff.  The menu was our place mat and because of this, the menus never being taken off us, I was unsure of how we were expected to order, so we ordered 1 course at a time.

Starting with the There There chips, triple cooked, served with a slice of soft cheese on top and a beaker of gravy.  It was absolutely delicious.  We were drinking local wine and beer, my a wonderful wine from Drysdale (only minutes from our house) and J, the Prickly Moses beer from the Otways.

Our mains came out in fantastic time, allowing us enough time to sit and chat but not so long we were worried that they were never coming.  J ordered the 24 hour cooked beef cheek.  The meat melted in your mouth and was perfectly paired with the pea and corn puree.

I ordered the seafood bouillabaisse.  The first indication I got that this was going to be a messy meal was the cutlery.

When it came out I was delighted, one of my favourite things to eat in the whole world is seafood and this was chocked full of it.

It was an adventure to eat, a treasure hunt for the next delicious morsel of salty goodness. I was given a finger bowl and it was lucky because I needed it.

Next up was dessert.  The giant macaron’s reputation proceeded it, I’d had photos on my Instagram feed and I needed to try it.  So we ordered that (giant macaron, salty caramel, caramelised banana, peanut icecream) and the Milk & Mint sorbet, apple, lime curd, dehydrated meringues.

The macaron came out on a huge cake plate, giving the impression that I’d stepped into Alice in Wonderland and I’d been shrunk.

I love me a macaron, this was delicious but too rich for me and I’m so glad that we shared it.  The peanut butter ice cream and banana were the saving grace, just a tiny spoonful of those mellowed out the amazingly rich salted caramel sauce.

The Milk & Mint sorbet, apple, lime curd, dehydrated meringues was to die for! Each mouthful contained all variety of textures from the apple and dehydrated meringues, the lime curd was tart and the sorbet was wonderfully refreshing.

Such an enjoyable evening, fantastic food, great company, a wonderful celebration.

Have you ever had to write key selection criteria? How do you celebrate with your family?

8 thoughts on “An Application, Dinner and a Movie.

  1. The meals look so nice, Clare and how cute are the pics of you. I’ve had to write selection criteria before – so gruelling and annoying! If only I could just ramble!

  2. Oh my gosh my mouth is absolutely watering right now!! That is a funny story about the movie, I have just accepted that I am way too much of a grandma to go to a midnight screening :p

    1. I really should have thought more clearly about the midnight showing. But yes we had a little laugh and then bought more tickets. The meal really was absolutely delicious!

  3. “your” Geelong constantly surprises me !
    This looks amazing……maybe, just maybe I can get there on one of the family visits.
    Oh and jumping all over the blog space – LOVED your post on the Melb Food and Wine Show. We missed it this year, otherwise we’d be there. I love the sampling and getting to try restaurants you can’t normally get to.
    Have a great weekend Clare x

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