My babies.

So we’ve got the chicken coop, the next part is to find some chickens to put in there.

Living in a fairly rural area, I thought this would be easy.  We wanted some about 15 weeks old, this is when they start to lay.  The closest we could find were 3.5 weeks old.

We knew our local pet shop often got some chickens in, so I gave them a call and found out that the next day they had 1 day old chickens coming in.  We figured we may as well get super cute chickens at 3 days old, if the oldest we could get was 3.5 weeks.

In we went, a picked up 3 chickens, they were 3 days old at this point and so super cute!

Our chickens have been very spoilt, they sleep inside a cardboard box under a lamp, J feeds them all variety of things, including worms he goes and finds outside.  They are very spoiled, and I’m not sure how they are going to once once living outside.

I’m asking you, dear readers, do you have spoilt pets at your house?


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  1. Yes, yes and yes. Spoiled rotten When I had my chooks in Wodonga in Victoria one got heat stroke so I went out and got a portable evaporative cooler to blow cool air through the chicken wire window. they loved it. They’d go inside the coop and flap their wings. My husband thought I was an idiot! I didn’t lose another chook though.

    I’d take them on afternoon walks where I’d dig up slugs from the garden beds (they helped), grew silverbeet just for them and I’d shell fresh peas for them and watch them race after them. best fed chooks in town. They all had names and each one had her own unique personality.

    Make sure you handle them a lot when they’re young and then they won’t be scared once they’re grown.

    1. I love your story! I’d be the girl buying the fan too! Currently we are feeding ours home sprouted alfalfa sprouts, all bran and wheat bix. They also get to go outside and scratch around for bugs. We usually spend about an hour outside with them at a time and when we come in they’re quiet for 2 afters after, as they’ve exhausted themselves. I try to pick them up a lot, as they’re living in a cardboard box, we have to pick them up to put them on the grass. I want to start trying to train them, so they come when called and they all know their names.

    1. I love them! They’ve started following me around when we’re outside. I’m pretty excited about their eggs.

  2. Ahhhhh this is adorable! I’d love some little chicks like them, but I think it’s too cold to have them here (and I’m not sure my neighbours would like them!)!

    1. It’s been pretty cold here, they’re currently living in our lounge room under a lamp that gives them some warmth.

    1. Everyday our chickens are becoming more and more spoilt everyday. They’ve become a core member of our family.

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