It’s Done… Chickens Part 3

After we built the frame for the chicken coop we needed to add the chicken wire to keep the chooks inside.

Each side needed two layers of chicken wire, because the coop was about 2.2 meters tall and the wire only 1.2 meters wide.  To hold the wire to the ground we dug a small trench around the chicken coop, so that we could bury the wire, this way nothing could dig underneath.

One of us held the wire in place and the other nailed it in with staples. We went the whole way around the bottom of the coop and then did the top layer.

Finally we did the roof.

It was pretty fiddly, but so satisfying! Once we’d finished to roof, we attached a gate, a latch and fitted out the inside of the coop with nesting boxes.

Now it’s finished and ready for chickens.

What’s thebiggest backyard project you’ve ever worked on?

7 thoughts on “It’s Done… Chickens Part 3

    1. Are you going to get some at home? Do you have a coop? Or do you need to build? The whole process has been such a cool learning experience for us.


      1. Right now we live in small apartment in the city, so we aren’t going to get chickens at the moment, but I dream of living on a farm where we can get chickens and build our own coop.

        My parents have chickens! They’re so funny!


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