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Twitter, you gotta love it!  No really I’m actually getting pretty obsessed with it.  I love the live communication with people all around the world!  I love that we can help each other out with a 140 characters.  And I especially love the motivation that can come from such a short conversation.

I had this conversation with Shae from Free Range in Suburbia:

So as you can see my challenge is to ‘cook’ something raw within the next 7 days.

Live Raw is a fantastic cookbook, sharing recipes that include ‘fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains, seaweed, spices, herbs, oils, sweeteners, all in combinations that excite the palate.  Raw food is uncooked, unprocessed, and organic.  It can be dehydrated, fermented, sprouted and sun-dried.”  Raw food is not always eaten cold, it can be heated in a dehydrator, or soups can be re-heated over a double boiler but only enough to make it slightly warm, so as not to destroy the enzymes.

I found that a lot of the ingredients are quite unusual, and I found them confronting, so I’d never made anything before.  But here is my challenge.

Have you ever ‘cooked’ raw?  What do you think about the raw food fad?


7 thoughts on “My Raw Challenge

  1. I keep hearing that eating a raw diet is very good for you. I just love to cook food though. I’ll try to embrace the trend. And I’m getting my head around twitter too! xx

    1. I love to cook food too, but one of the recipes I tried (which will be up later this week) was so much fun to make. There was heaps of steps and it really felt like I was cooking. It was also wonderfully rich and delicious.

    1. I also love the cooking process, but I’ve been interested in finding out new ways to use ingredients and seeing how I feel after eating all these different things.

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