We’re half way there… Chickens Part 2

I mentioned here my excitement for chickens.  It was pretty great to find an inside coop area where the chickens could live but for the last 12 months I have been to scared about foxes and honestly, too damn lazy, to sort something out.

A few weeks ago, we had some friends come and stay, they got me all excited about the area that we do have, “it’s plenty big enough for chickens,” “just some poles with rammed earth and chicken wire should do”.

Poor J got home that night and I had drawn up plans, measured the space and worked out what we would need.

The following day that I didn’t get work was the Wednesday after our friends had visited, so off to the local hardware store we went and stocked up on the ‘ingredients’ we needed.  And started working on it that day.

In each corner and about half way down one side we dug 60cm holes for the wooden poles to go in.  Once the holes were deep enough, in went the poles.  We used a level to get them straight and then I held them, while J rammed the earth in with a mallet and a piece of wood.

I’ve never seen anyone do this but it was super cool.  We shovelled the dirt from the holes back in around the poles and then J held a plank of wood up right and hit it.  The force rammed the earth and made the poles super strong.

Once all three were done, we left them to settle until the weekend.  We had a bit of rain coming too which was good, it also helped settle the dirt around the posts.

The next step was to add the supporting beams, across the end, one on each side and one through the middle (you might be able to decipher my plans and see what I mean here).

Once all supporting beams were up, we started on the chicken wire.  Now I try to watch my language on the blog, but chicken wire is a BITCH to work with.  By the end of the first hour I was crabby, cut up, and bleeding.  We decided to call it a day and save the chicken wire for tomorrow!

We’re in a rental home, so this is the extent of our building.  Have you ever been involved in building something?



15 thoughts on “We’re half way there… Chickens Part 2

    1. It was a really big production. It really only took a couple of days and we were lucky that we already had the inside bit for them. But its was also fun and I’m super proud of what we did.


    1. It wasn’t too drastic. It was heaps of fun. We couldn’t do anything to the house, because it’s a rental, so we have to make it ours where we can.


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