A Beautiful Chili

One of my favourite blogs to read everyday is A Beautiful Mess.  The lovely sister duo, Elsie and Emma along with their team share recipes, DIY’s, fashion, blog tips and tricks.  It’s a joy to read and easy on the eye, their photography is stunning.

About a month ago the girls posted Vegetarian Chili: 3 Ways.  In Australia, we don’t really tend to get into the ‘Chili’ thing, but I was inspired.  I saved the post and knew that I’d come back to it later.

While we were in Hawaii, we ate a lot of black beans.  I was inspired and I knew that I would have to find some when we got back home.

So yesterday when I was searching for some ingredients in our local health food shop I found dried black beans and I immediately reminded of the post on A Beautiful Mess.  So on the way home I picked up the rest of the ingredients and created my version of chili, combining all three.


It was delicious! Are you a fan of chili?  I’d love some tips and tricks, so I can make some others.  What’s your favourite side to go with chili?

18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Chili

  1. not a black bean fan but everything else about this made me drool! love the idea of baked tortilla chips for a side and a sprinkling of cheese makes everything better!
    and being able to download the recipe to save easily is perfect, thanks for sharing!


  2. I love a good chilli…a dish I certainly didn’t grow up with, but something I’ve started to cook for a couple of years now. We actually had chilli for dinner last night! As I’m not a fan of sour cream or guacamole (I know!), I like mine with cheese and rice. Simple and plain.


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