A Beautiful Chili

One of my favourite blogs to read everyday is A Beautiful Mess.  The lovely sister duo, Elsie and Emma along with their team share recipes, DIY’s, fashion, blog tips and tricks.  It’s a joy to read and easy on the eye, their photography is stunning.

About a month ago the girls posted Vegetarian Chili: 3 Ways.  In Australia, we don’t really tend to get into the ‘Chili’ thing, but I was inspired.  I saved the post and knew that I’d come back to it later.

While we were in Hawaii, we ate a lot of black beans.  I was inspired and I knew that I would have to find some when we got back home.

So yesterday when I was searching for some ingredients in our local health food shop I found dried black beans and I immediately reminded of the post on A Beautiful Mess.  So on the way home I picked up the rest of the ingredients and created my version of chili, combining all three.


It was delicious! Are you a fan of chili?  I’d love some tips and tricks, so I can make some others.  What’s your favourite side to go with chili?

18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Chili

  1. I haven’t had chili for this reason! I make Mexi beans a lot but my favourites are the little black ones. You can get them at Harris Farm but there isn’t one close to me. Looking good!

    1. I’ve made my own refried beans once, they were delicious! The chili was really good and I ate them for days!

  2. not a black bean fan but everything else about this made me drool! love the idea of baked tortilla chips for a side and a sprinkling of cheese makes everything better!
    and being able to download the recipe to save easily is perfect, thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you like my new recipe format! I love it! I’m sure you could use any kind of beans in the chili!

  3. I love a good chilli…a dish I certainly didn’t grow up with, but something I’ve started to cook for a couple of years now. We actually had chilli for dinner last night! As I’m not a fan of sour cream or guacamole (I know!), I like mine with cheese and rice. Simple and plain.

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