Ahhh, the possibilities… chicken coop part 1

When we moved into this house, nearly 12 months ago, I was so excited about the massive backyard.

We talked about veggie gardens, dogs, chickens… We were going to be wonderfully sustainable.

We got the veggie garden in within the first couple of months.

Next chickens…

We found that there was a space where chickens had been before.  Our neighbors told us that the chickens use to run free in the space where our veggie garden now is.  So that was out, but there was a great chicken coop where the chickens could sleep.

All we would have to do was build a safe outside area, so that they wouldn’t get eaten by foxes.

I can’t wait to have free range eggs to make meringues, omelets, fried eggs and delicious cakes.

I’m going to share our chicken coop building adventure on here, I’m super excited. Do you have chickens, poultry, pets?


19 thoughts on “Ahhh, the possibilities… chicken coop part 1

    1. I can’t wait to be able to make an omelette with our chickens eggs! We’re going to have to wait a while, as we’re picking our chickens up today and they’re only 3 days old.


    1. We get excited every summer about our veggie garden and by winter it has died off. But at least that way we’re getting home grown tomatoes. Would love to know if you start growing anything!


  1. I am so jealous! My Mum has wanted chickens for years. I have a bunny and would love some chickens for her to play with! What a great idea. I have friends that have chickens and I always try and get some eggs off them. They are amazing poached 🙂


  2. I would love to have chickens. I spend a fortune on eggs which is so unnecessary when it’s so easy to have chickens. But, I’m renting and it looks like we’ll have to move again at the end of our lease so I’m in limbo until we can buy our own home. I’ll look forward to seeing what you make with your eggs xx


    1. We’re renting here but have just signed our next 12 month lease, hopefully we sign again next year, otherwise we’re moving everything all over again!


  3. I’ve thought about getting chickens when we get a house but I read that they don’t lay eggs for their entire lives and so you have to get more and then you have oodles of chickens. Unless you want to eat the chickens. I couldn’t do that, though. I’ve settled for having a neighbor who will sell me eggs and chicken breast. 🙂


    1. I’m not a fan of the idea of killing chickens, although I have done it and would doit again if I had to. I like being in control of the food we eat and knowing where it comes from. Tough though, and definitely not for everyone!


    1. I think you’ll be fine! Mum and Dad are building a house at the moment. Dad is the project manager and he’s learning something new everyday, it’s also really cool to see the progress.


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