Food and cocktails?

We had some of the most amazing food while in Hawaii!

Burgers, chips, salads and waaaay too many cocktails!

You guys in the States, really need to appreciate how cheap your alcohol is.  I was always told how cheap everything is in America and granted hawaii is pretty far away from the mainland.

Things were relatively cheap, I bought Tom’s for $45, whereas here they are about $80.

But I found that once you pay tax and tip, food is pretty close to the same price.  Tax is included in our prices here and we don’t pay tips.

We’d just landed, checked into our backpackers and were in desperate need for food.  This amazing little cafe, in Paia, was hidden behind some clothing store.  I think it was the healthiest thing I ate and drank the whole time we were in Hawaii.

This breakfast bagel was amazing and the ice tea, unsweetened!

When we got to the yoga retreat, where we were staying for the wedding, we discovered there was no food on site.  This was tricky for us as we didn’t have a car and the closest towns were 6km up the road, or 6km down the road.  We went out to hopefully hitch a ride, but got nothing, so we walked 6km up the hill, in 35 degree heat!

We found this sweet little cafe hidden behind some shops and down a little alley.  We sat down and I ordered an American Lemonade, an ice tea and a glass of water, and this delicious Thai Chicken Salad.  J ordered a fish burger with a caesar salad.

This fish market was delicious.  It was this crazy busy restaurant, everyone just shared tables, you jumped in where there was space and they had the most amazing array of fish options.  I had the Ahi Tuna Burger.

These mini burger sliders were amazing!  Build your own burgers!  And the seasoned chips were perfect.  This meal was in Waikiki, on our second last day in Hawaii and by now we had figured out that we each didn’t need a meal so we begun sharing instead.

When I asked the waitress how much the cocktails were she said, “Between $7 aaannnnnnddd (at this point I’m thinking she’s going to say $20, as this is Australian prices), $7.45” I jumped at the chance for a cocktail, in fact I had two!

This cocktail was called the Tropical Itch.  It was amazing and I really loved that it came with a back scratcher!

Are you a cocktail drinker?  What’s your favourite?



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    1. I never usually order burgers either but these ones were delicious! Shame that your favourite ever burger is now over in Queenstown!

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