I do!

The reason that we decided to book the trip to Hawaii was becuase of our friends’ wedding. It was such a lovely day. Here are some of our highlights.

I loved that we arrived at the wedding in a yellow school bus!

For the guest book we all had polaroid photos taken of us and we signed next to where we stuck them in the guest book. We also got given fans, as it was 30 degrees celsius (about 90 F). For each of us there was a little duck floating in the pool, it matched our character, with our names printed on the bottom. Mine was Wonder Women!

One of my favourite parts of the ceremony was seeing all the bridal party walk up the aisle. I love that Deno had 5 “groomsmen”, one of them being his best friend Tracey from university.

This rainbow finished only meters from us, the rain was only light, it was such a beautiful addition to the wedding.

It was such a beautiful day! How far have you travelled for a wedding? What’s your favourite wedding feature?

23 thoughts on “I do!

  1. Such a beautiful wedding. The brides dress was gorgeous, especially the bottom part. You didn’t look so shabby either, doll. You did a great job picking out your outfit. Love your shoes.


    1. Weren’t they wonderful! All the posts were fantastic! The wedding was lovely, and my dress was the perfect amount of flowy for the heat.


  2. What a beautiful place for a wedding. You must have loved that warm weather. Your dress is gorgeous. I love the setting for the wedding. I think you suit your ‘Wonder Woman’ badge! xx


  3. What a beautiful wedding Clare, I love all the little touches – the Polaroids, the ducks in the water, the groom having a female friend by his side. If we had a traditional wedding, I’d have a best man. My friend Anthony is probably the person that I’ve had the longest relationship with, going on about 14 years now. He’d definitely be by my side! And look at you – you look so pretty, happy and full of life. The gorgeous weather probably made it difficult to be anything other than that!


    1. The weather really did make it! I was always going to have a bridesman, but it didn’t work out that way and had 2 girls instead.


  4. What a beautiful wedding, and what a beautiful place to get married! I’ve never traveled that far for a wedding, but next year I’m going to England for one.


  5. I’ve never been to Hawaii, and it’s one of the places I really want to visit. Such great scenery! The wedding looks like it was wonderful – over-the-top terrific. Fun pictures, fun post – thanks for sharing with us.


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