This is a guest post by J, that’s right, one afternoon chilling out he wrote a story about THE BEST DAY EVER and was happy for me to share it on my blog.  I love this guy!

As the date is written in the USA…. Confusing for us Aussies, especially after 15 or so hours of travel, and an alarm that jolted us to a weary state of awakedness at 5:46am, but in reality, our travel addled bodies thinking it was 3am!

We woke early to make a boat trip out to Molokini Island, a half submerged volcanic crater about 15 miles offshore from Maui, or an hour on the Pride of Maui.

Having worked on dive boats for many years and being on countless reef/snorkeling/dive trips, I must say, this is one of the best I’ve experienced! Great crew, excellent food, and an OPEN BAR!!!

Soon, the semi-circular island loomed in front of us, and with the 50m plus visibility, we could see the bottom, as well as the crater perimeter far below. The land mass still above sea level is a bird sanctuary and a nesting ground for Frigate birds. These beautiful large sea birds live mostly “on the wing” and only come to shore to nest. They are so named because they are the pirates of the bird world, usually bullying other birds into dropping their catch and so claiming it for themselves. And as pirates sailed on frigates, hence these thieving birds were named.

What an amazing array of fish life! That combined with warm, calm water, beautiful sunshine and that incredible visibility, made for a very pleasant snorkeling experience.

Lunch. Simple, but plentiful, tasty and oh so American.. Hot dogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken. How do they make it taste so GOOD?!

Ahhh, the open bar…. We, as a couple don’t actually drink so much normally, but those two little words. Open. Bar. Wow! Like waving a red flag at a bull! Especially since cocktails at home are somewhere in the $20 realm. So, we took up position and watched the skipper/barman/ship’s entertainer in action. Of course, for our witty conversation and adorable Australian accents, we were a favourite in no time, and equally in no time, found ourselves six Mai Tais in and with no escape from the heavy handed rum pouring.

I guess most of the boat had just been keeping to themselves and enjoying the day for the most part, but alcohol being the social lubricant that it is, we found ourselves in a conversation with a newly married couple from Vegas. Sadly, they didn’t get married by an Elvis impersonator… I had to ask!

Pretty soon the boat docked and we had nowhere to go and no way to get there. Our new friends offered us a lift back to Paia, which we happily accepted, but on the proviso that they would let us buy them a drink. It was only 1pm after all.. Well that drink led to another, and another, and yep. Another. We were at a place where we’d had dinner the previous night, and Clare got talking to the girl who was last nights waitress. Turns out she does Derby and invited Clare to come to a training session on Sunday. Small world huh?

This drinking session provided us with four further cocktails (now at a total of 10 for the afternoon), a combination of margaritas and piña coladas. Finally deciding that we’d enough, after we’d discussed all the important things, such as derby names, new tattoos and exchanged contacts details. We said goodbye to our new friends and walked back for a shower and a nap.

Dinner was amazing, as all the food we’ve experienced so far in Hawaii has been. We tottered off a little place called Flat Bread. It’s a pizza place that uses nothing but organic and homegrown ingredients. Perfect for a little hippy town like Paia! As was evident by the  crowd inside. Food – amazing. Service – equally amazing, and there’s another story to go with that! Stay tuned!!

The further story was about our waitress from Flatbread, picked us up hitch hiking the next day.  Infact she was driving past us to get to work, turned around to pick us up and called her boss to let him know that she was going to be late.

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  1. Hey J! I’m Vanisha 🙂 How great that he did this post for you Clare. I’m all for time spent on boats, snorkeling and endless cocktails (I don’t drink much either but there’s something about boats, the water and beautiful sunshine that makes me order cocktail after cocktail!)

    1. Isn’t it awesome that he wrote it! Holidays, boats, ocean, heat, cocktails, they all just go together!

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