Berry Pancakes

Last week we decided to do no shopping for a fortnight, we had no need, and we were going away, so we figured we’d just eat what we had at home.

I wanted a cooked breakfast, and with only 1 egg there weren’t a lot of options.  I decided to make pancakes.

In a bowl I mixed some plain and self raising flour (total of about 1 and a half cups), I added the last egg and milk to a good consistency.  Mixed it with a whisk to get out of all the lumps.

I cooked the pancakes in HEAPS of butter and they turned out great, super thin and a little bit rubbery, just how I like it.

For toppings, I put some frozen berries in the microwave and nuked them until they were soft and gooey.  Then on top of that put some ricotta cheese and maple syrup.

They were absolutely delicious, a perfect holiday breakfast.

What’s your favourite pancake topping?  Have pancakes often?

16 thoughts on “Berry Pancakes

  1. Oh wow these look really good! I am just in the middle of making some bacon and eggs and fresh coffee. I love weeekends and having time to make yummy breakfasts.

  2. Omg. You just used “fortnight”. How I love you all the more!!
    The pancakes look DELISH. I like mine barely cooked and a little runny. Totally gross, but right up my alley 🙂

  3. Would it be okay to add a good dollop of ice cream to that? I’ve only made recent pancakes a handful of times in my whole life. Patrick has a great recipe which he hasn’t shared with me – I think he lets the batter sit for a good deal of time before cooking them….

    1. Oh the addition of ice cream would be wonderful! The best thing about not knowing Patrick’s recipe is that he always has to make the pancakes!

  4. I think our family would starve if I went that long without visiting the shops. Well done on being able to create a cooked breakfast with just one egg. Your pancakes look very yummy xx

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