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I love a good blog swap and was lucky enough to be paired with Meg for my most recent blog swap and have loved getting to know her since then. She was so lovely to offer me a blog post for while I’m away.  

Hey guys, my names Meg and you can find me at You’re Meaghan Me Crazy!  This is my first guest post so go easy on me 🙂

I met the amazing Clare a couple weeks ago through the movie night swap hosted by Linny.  You can see the kick ass stuff she sent me here.

So seeing how Clare’s blog is mostly about delicious food I thought I would share with you guys one of my favourite holidays, Thanksgiving!  It actually happens to fall on this weekend.  In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October.  Technically it’s supposed to be a time where you thank god for all the harvests that year, basically for me it’s about eating a ton of food and thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.

Every year we celebrate at either my parents house, or my aunt and uncles house.  This year my aunt and uncle hosted and my cousin just had a brand new baby boy so getting to meet him has definitely been a highlight of the day.

What’s so great about Thanksgiving?  First off, chicken dinner is my all time favourite meal.  I mean c’mon, chicken, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies.. I could go on forever.  And second, it’s a day full of family!  I’ve got a pretty big fam, there’s six of us in just my immediate family.  Unfortunately my brother isn’t home this year which sucks!  But there were lots of people around which is my favourite part.

Then in the afternoon we went to Lukas’ parents house for ANOTHER huge chicken dinner.  Yup, that’s two dinners with all the fixings in one day.  Needless to say I will be having a very lazy evening.

As for things I have to be thankful for.  Well this could be an endless list too but we’ll start with the obvious.  One thing I’m really thankful for is Clare.  Getting to write a guest post on a blog as awesome as this one is something I never would have imagined doing in my first couple months of blogging.  Also, I’m  super thankful for my family, friends, and my amazing boyfriend.  I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today without them.

By the time you are reading this I will likely be passing out on my couch from all the food 🙂

Let me know what you guys have to be thankful for or if you celebrate Thanksgiving where ever you’re from!

PS. I almost forgot, Monday is a holiday so long weekend it is!  If you’re a Canadian, happy Thanksgiving! If not, happy Thanksgiving from all us Canadians!

Like Meg said, what are you thankful for?  Me, I’m thankful for you guys, these amazing guest posts, the fantastic community of blogging, my wonderful family and that I’m chilling on a beach in Hawaii somewhere!


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