Hit the road… tarmac?

So right now we’ll be on the place between Sydney and Honolulu (clearly this is scheduled and I’m not uploading it on the plane.  However I do hope that this can happen soon).  First we’ll have gotten a plane from Melbourne to Sydney.

So in this case you’ll have to forgive me if I’m pretty quiet on all forms of blogging, social media etc over the next 2 weeks.  But don’t forget that there are going to be smoe fantastic guest posts for you to read while I’m gone.

We’re being a little bit fancy and flying QANTAS, which means all our meals are provided.

I really don’t think plane food is too bad, I mean it’s definitely getting better.  For me it’s the amount.

I’m the kind of girl who needs to eat, nearly constantly throughout the day, and obviously we’re not getting fed constantly.  I’m going to have to take a few snacks.

Now I had a bit of a chat with J about this while we were on our hike recently and mentioned that I thought it would be so cool to go gourmet and have a plane picnic just like in this post.

He thought it’d be better to go with something simple, some chips, some lollies etc.

What would you choose to eat as your extra snacks on the plane?  DO you and your travelling buddy agree on your purchases?

2 thoughts on “Hit the road… tarmac?

  1. I usually don’t each much of the food on the plane. I have something at the airport, and buy a large bottle of water. I get slices of lemon for it throughout the flight. I like taking gourmet cookies and an assortment of nuts. Nothing too fancy 🙂 What did you guys end up taking?

    1. We ended up getting some dried fava beans and some apricot delight. Neither of which we needed and we were given sooo much food!

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