Annie’s Provedore

With J and I being apart for a few days, and having no weekends together, we jumped at the chance when we had a Sunday together to go out for brunch!

Not too long before I’d been to Annie’s Provedore for coffee and knew that we had to go back for brunch!

This place is amazing! You walk in and are inundated with amazing visuals and fantastic smells.

We sat down at a communal table and looked through the menu, so many amazing options!  J chose a breakfast panini.

I decided on a zucchini and haloumi rosti with poached eggs.  I also had my usual, a pot of chai tea, with milk and honey on the side.

Breakfast was delicious!

Have you had a delicious breakfast out recently?  What’s your favourite thing to have for brunch?  

5 thoughts on “Annie’s Provedore

    1. This place was just like heaven! There was things to look at, tasters, groceries, cakes, it was just divine! And the breakfast menu has many more amazing options!


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