My baking disaster…

I love baking, I love cooking new things, and I love trying something that is a little tricky.

I’ve made macaron before, they turned out wonderfully!  So when I found Adriano Zumbo’s cookbook for $15 I couldn’t pass it up.  This guy is a pastry genius!

All weekend I had planned to make his chocolate macaron shells and was going to fill them with salted caramel.  As I’d seen something on twitter recently about how sick of pumpkin recipes people were.

His cookbook had held pride of place on my cookbook bookshelf for months, while I worked up the courage to cook something from it.

So I spend Sunday afternoon sifting the icing sugar, almond meal and cocoa to get the perfect texture, I separated the eggs and weighed the egg whites out exactly, and bought a sugar thermometer.

I was totally ready to go and then I’m not sure what happened…

My macaron turned out like flat little chewy biscuits.

They suck!  Seriously bad!  Not even good chocolate biscuits!

What have you baked or cooked that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

8 thoughts on “My baking disaster…

  1. Hi Clare, my macaroon/macarons were awful too. My new decision is that they are not actually very nice, they look pretty, but taste quite yuck.

    1. I’ve made them before and they were perfect! But I’m not sure what happened to these! I love macaron though!

  2. I have mishaps all the time. I embrace them. What can you do? With cooking it’s easier because chances are you can ‘fix’ the dish. It’s a little harder when it comes to baking. I actually did a Macaron making course and I decided – I would happily spend $5 on a Macaron then have to make it! You’re so wonderful for making them and having them turn out the previous time you made them!

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