Limes, limes and more limes.

With the lime curd I made last week I thought that I’d make some lime meringue cupcakes.

I love lime (lemon) meringue pie, and I love cupcakes, so thought it’d be a fantastic combination!

I just made a simple patty cakes, just like these ones here.  Once they had cooled down, I scooped out a teaspoon full from the top, a melon baller would be a good option.

Into that hole I put a teaspoon full of lime curd.  Finally to top off the 12 cupcakes, I made the meringue with 3 eggs whites, beaten to soft peaks and then I added a 1/3 cup of sugar and whisked until there were firm peaks.

I was going to try and be all fancy and pipe the meringue on to the top but in the end just went for the spoon.  I spread it on and then dabbed my spoon all over the meringue to create the little peaks.

If you had a brulee gun you could burn the meringue with that, but I just put it under the hot grill and nearly burnt them, but got them out just in time!

They were delicious, soft, fluffy cake, with the zesty lime curd in the middle and the sweet sticky meringue on top.

Sick of limes yet?  Not me?  Have you ever created an experiment that worked out perfectly? Any disasters?

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