Cajun Fish

When I have time I like to really think about dinner and cook something nice. So last Saturday I had the day, J was at work, I was catching up on my Pretty Little Lairs watching, and thought I’d peruse some cookbooks.

We don’t tend to keep a lot of protein in our house, so I wasn’t too sure what to do.

So I looked through the recipes, I didn’t get any bright ideas, so instead, mum and I went out for lunch and then I was inspired.  The lunch had the most amazing avocado salsa, served with corn cakes and corn chips.

So my mind started processing… avocado salsa, salsa, cajun with salsa, cajun crusted chicken, cajun crusted fish… we have fish!

So I made a cajun flavoured rub for the two pieces of fish we had left.  In a bowl I mixed together, some crushed garlic, paprika, mixed herbs, chilli flakes, and cayenne pepper.

For the side I roasted brussel sprouts, pumpkin, zucchini, and beetroot, with 3 rashers of bacon chopped up.  I blanched some asparagus and mixed all those veggies in with cooked couscous.

The salad was amazing with the fish (which I just pan fried).

I never did make the avocado salsa, but the dinner was delicious!

What do you cook it you have time?

6 thoughts on “Cajun Fish

  1. I am a hopeless cook and I dont especially enjoy it! I blame my cramped little kitchen – I also lack creativity I could never come up with this dish, it sounds scrumptious. Maybe I will attempt this – I mean a girl has to eat even if she isnt the best cook 😛

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