Fresh, local seafood.

I love seafood! It was the first meat I started eating when I was weening myself back into being a meat eater. And by far my favourite protein, the idea of a steak still freaks me out!

We have the most beautiful local seafood shop just down the street from our house. You walk into a tiny shop front, and behind the counter is the most enormous man you have ever seen in your life! He waddles out, with a lovely smile on his face and couldn’t be more helpful.

When I walked in I had absolutely no idea what I was going o cook for dinner, but it was my turn and I wanted to cook something fabulous! I had a bit of a chat with him, and came out with a seafood mix. It was all local seafood, except the mussels (which is super strange because they farm mussels just off the coast here!), and was put together in the fish shop. They had already added garlic and herbs.

I wasn’t sure where to go from there but was thinking either risotto or pasta. J doesn’t love risotto and to me it’s my lazy meal, I cook it when I can’t be bothered cooking anything else). So pasta it was.

I had to make the pasta fresh, but in our house if pasta is to be made fresh J does it. Ever the great meal of experimentation!

So I used 100g of plain flour to 1 egg, I times it by 3 and voila, a pasta dough. Into the fridge it went to await the pasta machine.

I put it through the pasta machine until it was 2mm think, then cut big thick strands, put them in a bowl with flour, and set it aside for later.

For the sauce I just put a tin of crushed tomatoes, some garlic, mixed herbs and let that simmer until we were just about ready to eat, then put in the seafood mix.

I stirred it all together and served with some Parmesan over it!

It was delicious!  I was definitely that girl who was smiling all silly like, saying, “This is really good, I mean really f-ing good!”

What’s your favourite protein? What’s your lazy night meal? What do you cook for a fancy night?

14 thoughts on “Fresh, local seafood.

  1. I’m quite the opposite, I don’t eat seafood. Which really is crazy because I’m from Fiji but I just can’t bring myself to eat it – the texture, the smell, the sight…though in my defense, I eat very little meat anyway. I do cook seafood for Patrick (real test of love!) but I can’t say I enjoy it! I’ve bookmarked this recipe to make for him though 🙂

    1. Serious love if you’re cooking it for Patrick!! You go girl! It was delicious! He’d love it and wasn’t super seafoods, so you might like it too!

  2. oh that looks delish!! well done! You are so lucky to be so close to such beautiful seafood. I love mussels and prawns and crayfish! I am Italian and never made pasta – must give that a go! Cheers, Mez x

    1. You not too far from it either! You could just pop down and pick some up! The pasta was fantastic! Would love to know if you give it a go!

    1. It was so good, in fact I’m making it again tomorrow night (this time I’m buying the pasta!) I was nervous the pasta wasn’t going to work out, but turned out great!

  3. Looooove seafood, cannot get enough of it seriously!! And the pasta just looks amazing, so yummy! =)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  4. I love seafood. Ben was told to eat more of it to help his body recover from that past 18 months and now it’s our primary protein. It’s actually not too expensive either, and we also have lots of little locally farmed places that sell it around here too. Fresh is best!

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