I thought this week I would share a breakfast that didn’t have eggs in it. I’ll admit I had to rack my brains, I do love eggs.

So I thought a few years back to my best ever porridge (oatmeal).

This happened for me in 2008. I was working as a hiking guide on the Overland track in Tasmania, it’s such a beautiful walk down there. A 6 day bush walk, the clients carried only the clothes they needed for the 6 days, whereas I carried all emergency supplies, my clothes, bedding, first aid kits, fresh food etc. My pack was huge.

The work didn’t stop there, in the evenings one of the guides would run to the hut where we would sleep and start to prepare afternoon tea and a three course meal.

In the morning one of the leaders would stay behind, tidy up the hut and then run (with a full pack on) and catch up to the group.

So to make the mornings easier we would soak the oats over night and then it would be quick and ready to go in the morning.

We would put in enough oats for all the people (about 1/2 a cup per person), the left over sweetened cream from dessert, any dried fruit that we could get out hands on (I’ve been using apricots and currents) and then for some added crunch I put sunflower seeds and pepitas.

In the morning it was a simple as adding a little extra water and putting it on the stove to heat up.

On top I just put a little cinnamon and brown sugar.

What’s your favourite egg free breakfast?

6 thoughts on “Porridge

  1. Mine would be potato anything! I’m not a big fan of eggs but I try to eat more of them. Potato rostis are my favorite. I love porridge which has texture but I never though about adding seeds! I add seeds to my salads but for some reason never thought about adding it to porridge. Thanks for the tip Clare xoxox

    1. You’re a potato for breakfast girl? There’s this amazing cafe in Cairns that puts baked potatoes with every breakfast, seriously delicious!! The seeds are a great addition!

  2. I have friends and relatives who have done these hikes in Tasmania and in as much as they find it strenuous on themselves, they have always commented on how hard it must be for the organisers. I’m so impressed that you had this job. It must have been so challenging xx

  3. that hiking bit sounds do intense! you must have been in amazing shape.
    I don’t usually love oatmeal but this actually made my mouth water!

    1. The hike was tough but it was work, so I didn’t really think about it! It was delicious this porridge! Would love to know if you gave it a go!

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