Kids eating vegetables…

I told this story on my last blog, so I’m sorry to those who have already read it, but I love these sausage rolls and I love the story that goes with them!

Winter 2009: I was working as a nanny at Falls Creek (one of the few ski resorts in Australia).  I looked after 3 kids (8, 5 and 10 months old), 5 days a week.

During the day when the older two were at school I would cook dinner and bake treats for the family. This was tricky, as the supermarkets on the mountain were super expensive and only had limited supplies. One day I thought I’d cook vegetarian sausage rolls, I was vego at the time and was sick of not being able to eat what I was cooking for the family.

None of the kids would eat vegetables, well one would but only if they were white (potato, cauliflower etc).

The sausage rolls were made and out of the oven in perfect time for an after school snack! I plated them up, gave the kids some sauce and took a deep breath… Kept my fingers crossed… They LOVED them!

I made them often after that, until one day, one of the kids asked for those meaty sausage rolls.  Their mum laughed and told her kids that they had no meat in them, that they were just vegetables.  They never ate them again after that!

But I still love them and so does J, so they make a regular appearance in our kitchen.

I just mix a tin of lentils, some mashed up pumpkin and sweet potato, then anything else I want to turn it into a sausage like mince, often some bread crumbs, an egg, some tomato sauce and soy sauce to taste.

Then just cut a sheet of puff pastry in two, place the ‘mince’ down the middle long ways of each 1/2 sheet.  I cut each long log into 4, and then do some little cuts in the top and then chuck them in the oven.  Cook until brown.  Serve with sauce.

How do you get your loved ones to eat things they don’t really like?

15 thoughts on “Kids eating vegetables…

  1. Oh this story is so familar – I think we just think ourselves into not liking food! I have never eaten tuna but have convinced myself I hate it, even though I love all other seafood – I mean what?! I love the sound of your sausage rolls, I need to make these 🙂

  2. This sounds so good! …shame they found out! Kid’s are so funny about that kind of thing. The loved it before they knew it was veggies…go figure.

  3. Hi Clare, so glad I ‘discovered you’ (an added advantage of taking part in a swap I suppose), I am your “Scarf swap buddy” via Mardi…hope you liked your scarf…thank you thank you for mine – perfect for those inbetween days before spring is here to stay…pop over and say hello x

  4. Yum – I am going to try this. My kids eat all fruit and most vegetables. The veggies in very small amounts though – we have only just started eating more legumes here and so far the kids are unimpressed – this may be the way to get them hooked. I will report back and let you know.

  5. These look delish! My twins have just recently taken a shine to cucumber…I don’t know how it started but I’m trying to keep the interest going for as long as possible! 🙂

    1. What else could you do with cucumber? Not really one to add into things… Would love to know what you came up with!

    1. I would have run wit it too, FOREVER! Their mum didn’t seem to see what the problem was with telling them…

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