Yep, I’m still trying to use all those limes.

Definitely not running out of ideas. I did have a mind block for a little while but now I feel like I can’t think of a meal or dessert that doesn’t ave lime!

I thought it important that I make a lime curd! I mean, surely there’s heaps of stuff I can make with lime cured and I had a couple of ideas in mind already. So I was on a mission. J was at work for the day and I wasn’t, so this meant I had the whole kitchen/house, to play loud music, and bake.

I used this recipe. It work out pretty well, except it seems that the eggs cooked a little when I poured them into the hot lime mix. So maybe next time I would cool it down alittle a use a whisk when pour in the eggs.

It tasted amazing! Super delicious! I can’t wait to eat some spread on toast, and my next plan is to make Lime Meringue Cupcakes. Yum!!!

What do you do when you have the house to yourself? Any excessive ingredients at your place?

12 thoughts on “Zesty

  1. I am COMPLETELY jealous about the lime curd! You’re amazing! The cupcakes sound soooooo good. Wouldn’t it also be so yum in a shortbread cookie-ish fruit tart-ish something or other???

  2. I can have an excess of citrus towards the end of summer, for sure. We have a half dozen different citrus from oranges mandarins lemons and limes. We use them in preserves and drinks mainly. I am a bit reluctant to just give them away randomly because some people take them, don’t use them, and then throw them out.

  3. Your lime curd looks amazing. I love curd and lime curd is the best. What a great use for all your limes. And no, we don’t have any excessive ingredients here. Everything gets gobbled up way too quickly xx

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