Saints & Sailors

There’s nothing much better than dinner with your best girlfriend!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love J (duh, I married the guy), but having a night of philosophising, wine drinking and fantastic food does wonders!

I am super lucky to have a wonderful lady Jade (there’s a photo of us here). Over the weekend she came down and have dinner at my newest favouritest place, Saints & Sailors.

Serving local wines, in a funky, music filled atmosphere is the first of many attractions to this place.  The delicious menu had Jade saying “There’s only four mains, and I could have all of them,” and the prices had me smiling that the end of the pay week, wasn’t a limitation on my choices.

They have a variety of delicious bread options, tapas fusion dishes, mains and a couple of desserts, nothing over $20.

Jade’s dish came out first and looked amazing, beautiful fresh seafood with a fantastic chilli, soy sauce, however Jade has burnt all of her taste buds off, due to her love of chilli and couldn’t taste it in her dish.  So they brought more out, this blew my head off with only a tiny dot on the tip of my finger, she put the whole bowlful in!!!  She said it was a little spicier after that…

Salt and Pepper Calamari Salad, perfect meal for the early days of spring, it really reminded me that the warm weather was on its way!  It was delicious and fresh, a little heavy handed on the pepper but I’d eat it again.

The vibe in there is sweeeet!  There’s this little couch area in the front (in the pic) with a mini stage up by the window, tables and chairs to the right.  There’s vintage bags, coats and jewelry for sale.

Behind where I am standing there is another area with some couches and tall tables to sit at and enjoy a drink or some food.

Out the back there is a beautiful beer garden, which is going to be perfection for our hot long summer nights!

I think it cost us a total of $22 each, for dinner and a glass of wine!  How awesome for a night out! I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other things on the menu and I’m super keen to try the desserts!

Have you had a night out with a girlfriend recently?

9 thoughts on “Saints & Sailors

  1. Oh I love dinner with girlfriends, I am going to a new tapas bar tomorrow night with some of my old friends from high school, really excited but I think that it will be expensive but thats ok it can be a treat 🙂 Your friend most have a mouth of stone, I can barely handle any chilli hehe.

  2. I love my chili too! I agree with you, a night out with the girls is so wonderful. I’m getting together with a few ladies next week for tapas and sangria – I’m so excited, we’re going to be going to a fairly new place that comes quite highly recommended 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 xoxox

    1. Oh I’m excited to hear about this place you’re going to! Chilli just kills me! Hope you have a fantastic night of tapas and sangria!

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