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I love cooking, hence the food focused blog. J loves cooking as much as me, luckily we love cooking different things! I love cooking sweets and he loves cooking savoury.

So when I spotted this cook book in Big W, I had to buy it. We’ve both done a fair bit of travelling, J practically lived in Nepal for 7 years while guiding in the Himalayas and we both love love love street food!

When we went to Thailand, that’s all we ate and it was fabulous, so the opportunity to cook our own at home was one I had to jump at.

The Lonely Plant, World’s Best Street Food book is fantastic! Throughout the book there is an explanation of the meal, what country it’s from, where the meal is derived from, there is photos of it being cooked locally and then they give you the recipe to replicate at home!

We made this, Balik Ekmek, like a fish sandwich.  J is a pro at it and it has now become one of our staple dinner meals.  It’s a fish fillet (which we buy bags of, frozen from Aldi and eat quite a lot), fried in a fry pan, with a fair amount of oil, until it’s just crispy on the outside.

The take the fish out of the pan and put a Turkish bread, cut side onto the pan, so it can soak up the delicious oils and fish juices, until it’s also crispy.

Serve the fish on the toasted bread, with a squeeze of lime (or lemon) juice, the spices and salad of your choice.

What you end up with is a wonderfully spicey, fresh, fish sandwich.  It’s delicious and makes you feel as though you’ve done wonders for you body.  It feels good for you!

What you’re favourite staple meal, that you revert to on lazy nights?

4 thoughts on “The World Best Street Food

  1. OMG. That book looks AMAZING. I definitely need to get hold of a copy!! I have a Mexican cookbook that has an entire chapter devoted to street food, and that’s always the chapter I stare at longingly when planning dinner parties in my head (downside to having no money and living with your parents is not being able to hold dinner parties).

    1. The cook book definitely is amazing! And we really need to branch out past this sandwich! There are so many plus sides of living with you parents thought!

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