I can’t do only 1 thing at a time…

I’m really bad at slowing down!  I’m no good at doing nothing! I’m horrible at relaxing romantic weekends!

Even my work situation is in shambles.  I work Tuesday and Friday at a local high school tutoring Aboriginal kids through a program called Wannik, I work as a relief teacher Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  In my spare time I work for a company called GlobaLinks, who help American students go on exchange to foreign countries, as a liaison person in Melbourne, organising and hosting events that can culturally immerse them in their new country/city, and I blog.

This image shows it perfectly.  On the left I am half way through cooking my second batch of Rice Bubble and Date Slice and on the right I am half way through cooking scrambled eggs for Sunday breakfast.

I love to be busy, even sitting and watching a movie I have my iPad on my lap, trying to keep on top of my blog reading.

I feel like all bloggers have a lot on their plates.  How do you keep the balance between family, life, blogging, work, earning money and still having time for yourself?

11 thoughts on “I can’t do only 1 thing at a time…

  1. Sometimes I am running around and doing a hundred things and than other days I can’t do anything but laze around, like tonight, I have barely managed to move from the couch! Oh well always tomorrow.

  2. I’m shocking for this too. I’m only good when all the balls fall down & I pick them up with intention again. I always prioritise the babes over anything else but after that it can be a matter of jumping from one thing to the next as it needs my attention. I will get better at it, I WILL! 😉

    1. I’m glad your babes win in prioritising! But I also tent to have a million things on the go at once, and sometimes I don’t do any of them well!

  3. Balance, what’s that? Haha I have yet to find a good balance. The thing about me is that if I’m doing one thing, I’m ignoring another. Multitasking is not something I’m good at :/

    1. At least you’re completing things! I start one thing, move on to another, go back to the first! Not a great pattern!

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