Baked Eggs

I love breakfast foods, I could eat them at any time time the day and because of this J and I decided to have brunch for our wedding reception! Croissants, danishes, eggs sausages, bacon, spinach, it really was wonderful!

I’m also lucky to have a wonderful man-friend (I sometimes get sick of saying husband) who loves to cook me breakfast, and last weekend was no exception!

I had recently had the most amazing baked eggs at a cafe in Geelong, and J decided to attempt a replication.  Using this recipe as a base, J tweaked a few little bits and came up with this amazing breakfast!

Served on toast with the delicious sauce, and in the pan each egg was baked on a rasher of bacon, a few spinach leaves topped it all off!

The eggs were slightly over cooked, and didn’t ooze into the sauce like I have expected, but it was absolutely delicious, super easy and something I’m excited to try again!

What’s your favourite breakfast?

6 thoughts on “Baked Eggs

    1. Thanks do much for your comment! I love your blog, so it means the world to me that you stopped by! Our wedding brunch was delicious! And those baked eggs just as good!

  1. A wedding brunch is what we would have done if we got married with everyone around. Breakfast is too early for me, I’m not ready for a meal that early in the morning, but brunch, brunch is my favorite meal of the day! I’ve seen dishes like this one, they look so beautiful in photos, but I was never sure how they were cooked. Thanks for sharing Clare xoxox

    1. I’m definitely an early person and can eat breakfast as soon as I get up but Ido love waiting for brunch! It was absolutely delicioous! Would love to know if you ever give it a go.

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