Saturday Night Roast

My family was never one for The Sunday Roast, I was vegetarian from 16 and then my younger sister was vegetarian only 3 years later (she was also 16).

When I finished high school I moved to a small school camp called Wollangarra (check out the link, it’s a pretty out there place).  It was a big adventure for me, first time out of home, we had to go over a river on a flying fox to get in, and we had sheep on the property that we ate every Thursday night.

I was still vegetarian at this point, but every Thursday night we celebrated the students time with us, with dress ups and a roast lamb, with all the trimmings.  Every week for 12 months.  I learnt how to cook the perfect roast and every now and again I had a taste of that beautiful farm grown meat.

That was 9 years ago, and since then, I haven’t cooked a lot of roasts, however in the last two weeks we have had two!  Last week J cooked a chicken roast, and then this Saturday night just gone, I cooked Lamb.

Now it seems that over the years I have lost my skill for the lamb roast, but it turned out pretty well.

I wasn’t sure how long to cook our 1.12kg roast for, so I found this and it helped.

All I did for the meat was smother it in olive oil and salt and pepper.  With the roast I cooked pumpkin, sweet potato and potato (boiled for just a little first), and whole garlic cloves, still in their skins.

I found this amazing recipe, it’s actually what inspired the roast.  I’ve never had roast brussel sprouts and they were delicious!

Our last vegetable was some boiled some carrots, drained them, then poured over a little sesame oil, some sesame seeds and honey.

All the raw ingredients.

Finally, while the roast was resting (on the wooden chopping board under foil) I deglazed the roasting pan with a little water and red wine, added a little corn flour and stirred to get all the lumps out.  The result was a deliciously thick and rich gravy.

The finished product.

Are you a roast cooker?  What are your little tricks?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Night Roast

  1. I’ve never cooked a roast but my husband has & they always come out fantastic. Looks like yours came out great too.

  2. Thanks for the link! I’m glad you liked the Brussels sprouts, I’m so addicted right now to them. The roast sounds amazing, and the red wine gravy…mmmm!

  3. Firstly congratulations on the new look blog – it’s lovely! Your lamb meal looks delicious. I don’t often cook Sunday roast even though I love it but funnily enough this last weekend I made roast beef with all the trimmings – it’s time consuming and there were so many pans but worth it (not every week though!)

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